Angry Moments

What really makes you angry about the world? Can you believe it? That’s the writing prompt for day two of the LYL blogging challenge. So now I have to write about what makes me angry … after having chosen a name for my blog which speaks all about happiness! Well, okay, here we go.

It makes me very angry to see the greed that seems to encompass our world today. Greedy pharmaceutical companies are on my mind this morning, as a dear family member is battling their insurance company that has suddenly decided he doesn’t need a brand name drug to control his seizures. All of a sudden, without notice, they don’t want to cover the bulk of the cost of the brand name — which means he’ll have to pay nearly $800 per month (as opposed to about $100) if he wants the brand name! They think he should just start taking the generic version. They did not consult with his neurologist on this. They just decided they don’t want to pay for the brand name anymore. It is very risky for someone to suddenly switch to a generic version of seizure medicine.

This particular medicine has been on the market for many years. Of course the drug company has earned back any money they invested in research to produce this drug. But they insist on charging a huge monthly amount for it! And the insurance company ought to strong arm them into a better price. Don’t you think?

So yes, this makes me angry. Companies who ought to be dedicated to serving humanity instead of taking from it.

Update: Insurance company decided to cover meds after all… it only took about 4 months and lots of paperwork… and getting the state insurance department involved.

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