When Music Soothes the Soul

Someone posted a link to a video today. I was entranced by the music, sung by a man named Gulaan, from New Caledonia, who was auditioning on the show called “The Voice” in France. He sang Nodeei Perofeta, a traditional song in the Kanak language.

Gulaan singing with guitar at micIt was stunning. I tried to find more music from Gulaan. Someone had reposted the audition video and within the comments, I also found the French translation of the song (from Kanak to French). So I used Google’s translate service to get a translation from French into English:

French: Depuis Abraham, Krishna et MoÏse, Zoroastre,
English: Since Abraham, Krishna and Moses, Zoroaster,

French: Bouddha, Jésus et Mahomet, le Bab et Baha’u’llah,
English: Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, the Bab and Baha’u’llah,

French: Christ est mon fils, Christ est mon fils,
English: Christ is my son, Christ is my son,

French: Baha’u’llah est mon esprit, Baha’u’llah est mon esprit,
English: Baha’u’llah is my spirit, Baha’u’llah is my spirit,

French: Père de tout ces messagers, voici mon amour pour vous. Esprit, Esprit…”
English: Father of all these messengers, here is my love for you. Spirit, Spirit… “

The commenter on YouTube also provided further background for the song, noting that the words refer to the different Divine messengers who, at different times in history taught different civilizations about spiritual wisdom, consciousness of beauty and justice, and that these are universal truths.

I played the video several times, enjoying the music immensely. Then I listened to more of Gulaan. Here are a few links for you to enjoy, too:

This is a beautiful song – Gulaan and so is this one. After you’ve listened to those, you might want to hear this French tune, En ecoutant la pluie, or this one, Revelation.

May Gulaan’s music soothe your soul the way it did mine. Enjoy!

P.S. Don’t know where New Caledonia is? If you head towards Australia, then veer off into the South Pacific ocean, you’ll find it.

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