Public Service Announcement

Fuzzy neckwarmerThis is a fuzzy, cuddly neck warmer. The tan fleece material is quite soft. Inside are barley seeds which roll around and allow you to reshape it to your neck or whatever body part needs to be warmed. You can put it in the microwave and warm the barley seeds quite nicely… or you can warm them TOO much.

And that’s why this post is a PSA. It’s to remind you not to warm this nice cuddly neck warmer too much. Or if you warm it too much, be sure not to put it on your soft skin!

That’s what I did last week. Yup! I knew better. You know better too, don’t you?

Well, my excuse is that I had done a silly thing… I’d tripped over a laundry basket and, while tripping, had somehow caught myself from falling but pulled a muscle in the process. And that muscle was really hurting, so what did I do? I put that cuddly neck warmer on the sore muscle and because the muscle pain was so intense, it overshadowed the fact that the neck warmer was just too hot for my skin. Before I realized it, I had burned my skin. And you know what happens to skin burns? You have to put special ointment on it and treat it oh-so-gently so that it heals properly and ever so slowly.

So there you have it. Burnt skin and pulled muscles make for some miserable days of healing.

What did you learn from this PSA? Never put a too-hot neck warmer on your skin.

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