Funeral Aftermath, Part 1

1958 weddingAccording to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of aftermath is “the period following an event, such as an accident or war, and the effects caused by the event.” And that is what it feels like for our family… the aftermath of losing dad to an accident. The Times-Union had an article about it, as did the Altamont Enterprise (they, unlike the TU, got his age right at 89). We are all fine, but also sad. As I reflect back on the days after his death, I am very thankful for so many things.

At the funeral home, we had a closed casket. He just didn’t look the same, so why see a body that doesn’t reflect how we should remember him? So many people came to pay their respect. For over three hours, we shook hands, laughed, cried, and told stories with people. I was re-introduced to people I hadn’t seen in many years.

The day before, a few of us went through photo albums and pulled some of the best photos to assemble into lovely memory boards which were positioned around the rooms. Here are some of those photos:

Memory photos

Last visit, family and friends, his boat, his plane

Memory photos 2 - mom and dad

Mom and dad, so many years of love and marriage

Memory photos 3 - family

Dad and family

Memory photos 4 - family

Dad and family

A life well lived. Love you, dad.



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